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Nothing gets done without teamwork and motivation. We share your motivation and excitement in researching or launching that new business venture or assessing that new business opportunity.

Our clients benefit from the 30 plus years of business development, marketing, new product development and business management throughout Newfoundland and Labrador and Eastern Canada.
Business Development
Canadian Sailing Expeditions (CSE) - Halifax, NS

As a partner and later the company's marketing consultant, Randy assisted CSE in designing and marketing its expedition style cruise product. CSE offered boutique style cruising to Canada and the Caribbean with a focus on guest lectures, gourmet cuisine and small ship adventures to extra-ordinary small port destinations.
MarbleZip Tours (MZT) - Steady Brook, NL

Atlantic Canada's first Zipline, MZT offers a unique outdoor adventure at Marble Mountain Gorge. The zipline course is a unique combination of custom-designed cables and platforms 250 feet above a cascading waterfall. The result is a thrilling ride from a secure harness with plenty of zip!
New Product Development
Viking Encampment at L'Anse aux Meadows UNESCO World Heritage Site. From stagnant visitation, a 1,000 year old story confined to glassed exhibits and story boards to award winning living interpretation with daily demonstrations to an increasing audience. Ten thousand more people annually!
Business Management
Viking Trail Tourism Association (VTTA) is a non-profit tourism association covering Northern Newfoundland and Southern Labrador. In nine years of project management, Randy Letto enjoyed many success in projects like Cruising Labrador and Vikings! 1,000 Years. As a result of strategic planning and sound project management, substantial annual growth and new product development was realized throughout the Viking Trail tourism industry from 1996-2003.

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